Jabiru SLSA
JABIRU is the value, reliability, simplicity, speed, comfort, roominess leader of the SLSA market.

JABIRUS have been flying since 1991, and in the U.S. since 1995, and the manufacturer remains one of the very few in the world to produce both airframes and dedicated engines.  These engines, now used in more than 30 countries, are direct-drive and air cooled - eliminating the weight and systemic complexity concerns of prop-reduction gearboxes, water radiators and multiple carburetors.  These are simple, solid aviation engines with 2000-hour TBO.

JABIRU aircraft are smooth, quiet and simple to operate...turn the key and they start, mixture control is automatic, delivering an extremely efficient fuel burn.  The J230SP is an honest 120Kt, cross-country machine with exceptional climb performance, with a baggage door opening ample capacity to carry more than a couple of sets of golf clubs... 800NM, while burning about 5gph.  The J170SP is used worldwide for training, yet is the industry's most efficient personal light sport aircraft (100Kts on 3.5 GPH, and with ample cargo space), and with a gentle 38Kt, full-flap stall.

The JABIRU SLSA models are ready-to-fly, conforming to ASTM F2245-07 Design Standards, and have been thoroughly tested to FAR Part 23, including full load/torsional testing, complete spin Matrix and even the fully-loaded drop test.  Manufactured in Tennessee, Models J170/230/250-SP enjoy favorable insurer* ratings due to successful field performance, efficiency of maintenance and parts availability (in the U.S. and common auto parts). Their engines are designed to operate with avgas, or 91 octane auto gas.  The fuel tank manufacture now includes an ethanol-resistant sloshing agent in tank sealants.  JABIRU airplanes meet or exceed FAA-approved ASTM standards for design, manufacture, quality and airworthiness.  You can fly a Jabiru with assurance the aircraft is strong, safe, predictable, economical and enduring.

  • SIMPLICITY  in design and manufacture
  • RELIABILITY of components, selected and thoroughly aircraft tested for demonstrated reliability
  • AVAILABILITY of materials and technologies used in Jabiru aircraft are well-proven and available worldwide
  • EFFICIENCY with great performance, speed and comfort
  • AMERICAN made in Shelbyville, Tennessee

*subject to insurer and pilot experience